We have our procedures worked out during more than 10 years already. We're trying to guess your wishes and necessity yet when you're in process of describing your imagination about a product. We're preferring the Agile development methodology, keeping you on track constantly, staying fully open to you constantly by providing the live access to our:

  • project space
  • source code repository
  • demo instance(s)

Our worflow procedure presumes:

  • constant staying online, available to you while working
  • SCRUM discussions each day about the results, plans, possible problems
  • experience sharing among the team

We also support our solutions with:

  • Software QA / quality assurance
  • SEO / search engine optimization - both basic steps and advanced campaigns

How We Work

We can be flexible at the same time, but we keep you updated on the advantages/disadvantages of different approaches. We're working according to very detailed specifications prepared based on all the information from you, having separated them into a set of milestones each consisting of simple steps to follow and easy to test, of course if a project is complex enough, and you approve each specified description of course in advance, along with the estimates.

a specification preparation, it's approval by you, estimating (timeline, delivery dates, costs), it's approval by you

b detalizing the specification into preliminary milestones, tasks, the actual development, "per-task" and "per-milestone" QA (you can see the progress constantly)

c releasing each milestone to preprduction as it's ready, with the ability to stay agile, flexible to change/amend/enrich the consequent milestones acc. to your needs
Going live, support